SK Telecom has its own AI Chabot; Says It is ChatGPT’s super app version.

One of South Korea’s biggest carriers, SK Telecom, is planning the complete launch of its own Artificial Intelligence-based Chabot, but is looking at a product very different from ChatGPT.

SK Telecom in May 2022 launched a beta version of “A.” which is pronounced as “A dot”. It is based on Generative Artificial Intelligence.

The Vice president of SKT Eric Davis is leading the project A., said, “The Company will launch a full version in South Korea this year, adding that this proposition is very different from ChatGPT. It’s like you’re chatting with a friend, where you’re solving issues that you encounter in your daily life.”

Davis added, “SKT has been working on A. for a year and a half. It is built in-house at the telecoms firm on so-called large language models — AI trained on huge amounts of data to be able to chat in natural language. It is the same technology as the one behind ChatGPT.”

Davis is positioning A. as a product very different from ChatGPT. That is because SKT also owns different services, such as music streaming, e-commerce, as well as payment apps, which SKT is integrating into its own Chabot.

Davis said, “So, largely, the super app is the end picture there. Download our app, and we’ll do basically everything you want us to do and more.”