Recruitment strategies for engineering companies

A recruitment strategy is a clear, easy-to-follow plan for what you’ll recruit for: why, when and how. This will reflect your business objectives with a strategy that’s easy to implement and communicate across multiple sites. Tactics can be adjusted but the strategy must be set.

Randstad’s engineering recruitment solutions can take care of the entire business at scale across all locations. By managing your workforce, it becomes a simple partnership: one company to deal with, one HR team to maintain a happy workforce and one company that cares by putting people first. This is the human forward approach. Because of this, all the benefits a Randstad employee would get are forwarded onto all workers employed by Randstad, such as discounted gym memberships and a plethora of well-being discounts for everyday living.

It’s best, when designing a plan that will affect multiple sites, to be able to rely and reflect on facts and figures.

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