Samsung is Developing a Plan for Mixed Reality Products with Google and Qualcomm

Samsung is working on a plan for mixed reality products as per the statement from a senior executive for the South Korean technology giant. As per the statement, Samsung aims to push into products seen by many electronics manufacturers as key for future growth.

Mixed reality is the next big revolution in the computing world, like the smartphone revolution was; therefore tech companies from Metaverse to Microsoft are investing in mixed reality.

Mixed reality includes technologies that integrate the virtual and physical world. This involves augmented reality. One can access mixed reality applications and experiences via headsets worn by a user.

Patrick Chomet, an executive vice president at Samsung Electronics, said, “The Company is working out a roadmap for mixed reality products.”

Chomet highlighted the partnership of Samsung with Google and Qualcomm. These companies mentioned that they will focus on mixed reality.

Chomet said, “The partnership is not just about the three companies, however, but also designed to grow the mixed reality market. The reason why we announced is, is beyond Qualcomm, Google, and Samsung alone, we want to prepare the whole ecosystem. There will be many, many developers, content companies, and app companies that will prepare innovation and experiences for that ecosystem. We can do devices. Qualcomm can do chipsets. Google can do an operating system. But then, in the end, we need more than that, to make a vibrant ecosystem.”

Samsung’s Chomet said, “While virtual reality is good for gaming, we believe there is more potential in some mixed reality; so we are going to advance the roadmap in that direction.”