Forrester close The Employee Experience Gap Research Report


Within two years, 78% of HR leaders believe that Employee Experience will be one of the most important factors impacting firms’ ability to deliver on business objectives.

Employee Experience (EX) has become even more important in 2021. Organizations with advanced EX practices see nearly twice the return on their investments. But… all these signals start from a business perspective.

What about employees? What do they think about EX? How do they experience their own EX? The latest Forrester Research shows that there is a significant gap between the understanding of HR and employees understanding what drives good EX..

Looking for inspiration on how to lead the conversation around EX in your company? Looking for recommendations of organizations that have succeeded in getting results out of their EX?

Check out the Forrester Research report. It will provide you data and insights to gain wider acceptance and setting better priorities.

Don’t just mind the Employee Experience Gap, close it!

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